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Woods used for furniture and home décor from Bali (part 2)

Choosing the right kind of wood for your home may be a daunting task especially if you have never given much thought to the various kinds of wood out there as well as their uniqueness. Gone are those days when we would simply buy wood only after we have verified whether they are hard or soft. Choosing wood for a home has gone beyond just considering the hardness of that wood. These days, factors to consider when deciding which wood deserves to be a part of your home are grain, colour, strength and value for money. Another factor that cannot be overlooked is whether you are trying to produce indoor furniture or outdoor furniture pieces. The latter factor is an absolute determinant in the choice of wood you end up with because the kinds of wood used for indoor furniture are most often not the same as those used for outdoor furniture and it all boils down to durability.

An abundance of wood types abounds. Mahogany, birch, ash, oak maple, walnut are examples of hardwood while typical softwoods include: pine, spruce, cedar, fir. Sometimes, a typical softwood may not be exactly soft and a hardwood may be soft all the same. This is the more reason why extra attention is paid especially when choosing wood for outdoor furniture which require durable woods.

An example of a very durable wood which is excellent for outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture is the teak wood. Teak wood is prized over oak and some other woods because of its excellent durability and elegance. Teak wood contains natural oils and rubber which it retains after being felled and even processed. This is what gives teak wood its great natural weather-resistant property which other woods cannot contend. In addition to this, the teak wood is able to withstand attack from fungi, parasites and rot. Therefore, oiling or treatments are not needed to maintain furniture produced from the teak wood. Another exciting property of teak is how its colour changes from honey brown to an elegant silver grey after a long period of time. Now picture how beautiful your outdoor furniture pieces would continue even after a long time and more, how you can cut the cost of maintenance. Teak wood is one of Indonesia’s most valuable natural resource and so the quality of teak from that region is top grade.

Teak console table

Our best-selling console table, made of old teak wood. You can smell it just by looking at it!

Another type of wood you would want to add to your collection especially for the creation of indoor furniture pieces is the Suar wood. Suar wood is a species from the Albizia family and it makes for an excellent wood in the making of tables, console tables, stands, mirror frames, chests and a host of others. The suar wood possess straight grains with coarse textures and is known for its sturdiness and strength for heavy uses. Each layer of this wood is multi-coloured making it awesome for pattern-designed furniture. Indonesia is also home to the Suar wood.

Suar wood is less expensive than teak wood, however, suar wood requires mild wood oil and soft cloth for maintenance.

Decorative wood panel

A beautifully carved panel made of suar wood and showing delicate frangipani flowers.

So when next you are either up for creating furniture for that awesome backyard or for a cosy room, remember that teak wood and suar wood are most likely your best shots.

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