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Five original home decor ideas

One tremendously fantastic way to bring life to your home decor is in how you choose to decorate your walls.

Gone are the days when wall decor just had to do with the best colours to paint the walls, and how they blend well with the overall theme.

Now with a little ingenuity, you can transform an uninspiring slab of wall into a gallery of some sort. Something that could wow the heart of anyone who steps into your home.

Consider any of these 5 unusual wall decor concepts to transform your house from oh my god!!!

  1. Hang mirrors. Mirrors shouldn't be limited to the dressing room or bedroom only. You can use various sizes and shapes to decorate your wall.

Mirrors reflect light, which can give a smaller room the illusion of space. You can consider hanging an oversized mirror or several smaller pieces in an artistic direction.

 Check Pinterest for thousands of wall mirror inspirations.

  1. Install wall shelves. If you've run out of space for your keepsakes, an intricate wall shelf or two could do the trick. With it, you can line up your books, plaques, and other collections.

 You can install floating shelves and display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other knickknacks.

  1. Create a gallery wall. Nothing quite catches the eye as much as a gallery wall. It exudes much personality and color in your home.

You can display photographs, paintings, wall hangings, and other ephemera.

You can also use simple, cohesive frames or play around with an array of ornate variations to get things hopping.

 If you want to make your space seem bigger, extend your wall gallery to the ceiling.

  1. Wall basket is trending. For an eclectic look, consider hanging baskets on your wall. You can liven your room with various colours, sizes, and textures of baskets hanging strategically around your home. It gives your decor a bohemian, cozy feel.

You can also use the baskets for saving knickknacks, hanging green or colorful flowers, or installing lights in them.

 There are so many creative ways you can rock your wall baskets, so let out your imagination and create magic.

  1. Hang plates and valuable china.

You no longer have to keep away your valuable china until special occasions. You can go ahead and showcase them on the wall!

This style works perfectly in the dining room decor. However, you can choose to break the norm and just make your living room wall a gallery for your beautiful plates.

Pinterest has lots of hanging-China inspirations you could use; you will be amazed at how well they turned out on your wall.

There are still many ways you can improve your wall decor, like hanging huge paintings, using 3d wallpapers, incorporating accent walls, showcasing fabric like batik, and many more.

We just thought to bring out the less popular and least expensive ways to modify your wall decor. But watch out for other articles we'll be bringing your way to show you all the amazing ways you can turn your wall decor into an art!

Five original home decor ideas 

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